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Indian students are constantly worried about their future.Choosing the right career is not a piece of cake.With growing competition in every field and with plethora of options to choose from, opting for a career that is both lucrative and can be boasted about is getting tougher and tougher.If you feel like you're facing similar problems then this article is for you.Because in this article first, I'm going to talk about one such carrer that is pretty lucrative,high-paying and has great demand in the market and secondly, about one Institute that offers these course quite effectively. 



The answer is simple.Any profession depends on two things.What's the demand of that profession and what's the supply? Any profession with a high demand and lower supply will always grow.In present time HealthCare is one such profession that has a very high demand.Why so? Well, there are quite a few reasons.In India there's only 1 bed for 1250 people per 1 lakh population and India's population ia 1.3 Billion.
If take by these figures into consideration, 80,000 new beds are required each year to fill up this gap for the next 20 years.Now the government doesn't have sufficient fund to make this happen.India spends only 1.14 percent of its GDP on HealthCare where as China spends 4.35 percent.That is why the privatization of healthcare is on the rise.For instance, in 2008 Delhi had only 6-8 Corporate Hospitals- Apollo, Gangaram, Batra, Scott, Fortis, Max.Today Delhi has Apollo, Gangnam, Batra, Scott, Fortis,Max,Artemis,Primus,Rockland,Sitaram Bharti, Pushpawati Singhania, Paras, Narayana Health, Medanta Medicity,Manipal etc etc almost 150 Corporate Hospitals are there.So bro what has happened in these 10 years?!! This happened because Businessmen have clearly realised it that there's money in HealthCare Sector.Because if a person is severely sick he would even sell his house and all his property for his treatments.And only 13% Indians have a Health Insurance.So this has become a very large Industry and will continue to grow spontaneously.

Now, in a hospital Doctors and Nurses are going to treat the patients and apart from that there are 36 departments regarding how a hospital should function.Some of these departments are Quality Assurance, Quality Control,International Marketing,HR, Patient Care Services, Bio-Medical Waste Management etc.These come under administration and to run those departments giant hospitals need officials.These officials are called Hospital Administrators.There are near about 20 profiles like HR, Quality Manager,Floor Manager etc in this profession.


There are currently two mainstream courses for this.
1.BHA(Bachelor in Hospital Administration)
Duration- 3 years
Eligibility-12th/Diploma from ANY STREAM.
Salary Packages- 20k-35k.(Can be more depending on the student's quality of work and communication skills)

2.MHA(Masters in Hospital Administration)
Duration- 2 years
Eligibility- Graduation in any subject.
Salary Packages - 35k-70k.(Can be more depending on the student's quality of work and communication skills).

Then there's P.hD in Hospital Management.

Now coming to the other point..


AIHMS which stands for Athar Institute of Health and Management Studies is a premier institution established in the year 2008.It has grown immensely and today it stands tall as a full-fledged Institute. The Institute provides a magnificent and comprehensive range of facilities and offers highly innovative, job oriented post graduate and under graduate programmes in healthcare. 

The reason why someone should opt for BHA or MHA from AIHMS are as follows-

1.AIHMS is pretty different from other institutions which makes it stand out.A student has to attend college only one day a week which is on Sunday. And Monday to Friday  he/she will have to do duty in Corporate Hospitals in Delhi NCR area like Asian,Max,Fortis, Apollo,Artemis,Primus etc so that he/she gains practical knowledge along with theoritical knowledge.The institute will arrange this for every student.The efficacy of such model is that within a period of 6-12 months that student will start receiving a stipend  ranging from 10k-20k per month depending on his/her calibre from that same hospital.

Once graduated with BHA it's a piece of cake for anyone to get a salary of 20k-45k in any reputed Corporate Hospital.For MHA degree holders the pay package gets thicker.MHA opens up the pathway to get a fruitful job in countries like New Zealand, Canada, Africa as well the counties of Middle East.
Because the need of HealthCare is the same in every country.Just the difference language persists.

After completion of MHA one can do P.hD and enter teaching line.

2.AIHMS is affiliated to Prestigious Annamalai University (NAAC accredited A Grade Govt. University) for capacity building and evaluating issue and trends which improve the destiny of hospital and care system. All programs are approved by University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) & applicable for government & private healthcare jobs in both India & abroad.

3.Course Fees are quite reasonable so that students with a middle class background don't have to go through monetary difficulties while paying.

4.Owing to this facility of Stipend from the said hospitals after a short period of time students become competent of bearing their study expenses by themselves.

5.As this unique model is in action AIHMS has a 100% placement record till date with students placed in various managerial capacities in reputed government Organizations , Hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

So, if you're interested in making a fruitful and lucrative career in HealthCare Industry by doing BHA or MHA AIHMS is the perfect option.

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